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Are you looking for a handyman and lawn care provider you can count on? If so look no further, Jim Handy has Eugene’s most reliable handyman & lawn care services.

Our “all-inclusive” services provide you with the convenience of having one person take care of your home inside and out. We have the goal of establishing long-term relationships with our customers. As a result, you can rely on the consistency and quality of work on all your home projects. Consequentially allowing you to have time to just enjoy your home.

To get excellent service at an affordable rate call Jim Handy today!



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Jim Handy is a licensed General Contractor • Oregon CCB# 245601 • Bonded & insured • Est. 2017


Rooms need painting, doors need repairing, the yard needs mowing, plants need pruning and the list keeps getting longer.

Relieve stress by getting that list off your shoulders.

Relax by having one person you can trust completely with your home. Have confidence in knowing the job will get done quickly and right the first time.

If this sounds good to you then give Eugene’s best handyman and lawn care provider, Jim Handy a call Today!

Above all our goal is to help you have more time to have a happier life!

general home repairs

General Repairs

Home repairs can easily start to pile up. Therefore adding to your stress and taking away your free time. Jim Handy can take care of that pesky to-do list. Significantly taking the worry off your shoulders & giving you more time to enjoy life. Some of our indoor and outdoor repairs are listed below. So give us a call today with any questions or to schedule your free quote.

Commercial property maintenance

Jim Handy takes care of several commercial properties in Eugene. We handle a wide variety of maintenance needs. For example relighting, replacing ceiling tiles, refurbishing wood work, cabinet replacement, painting, OSHA compliance and more. Call the best handyman in Eugene to get your free quote today.

Fence & Gate

Loose or missing boards on your fence? A gate that wont close? Need new hardware? Then give Jim Handy the #1 most reliable handyman & lawn care in Eugene a call today for a free quote.

Doors & Windows

Jim Handy can install new windows or doors. As well as reseal windows, install weather stripping or replace window & door hardware. Therefore   Call Eugene’s best handyman now for a free quote.

Mold & Water Damage

Do you have mold or water damage on your drywall? Water damage on your carpet? Then you can rely on Jim Handy to quickly and efficiently fix any mold or water damage you have. So Call or email  Jim Handy the #1 most reliable handyman & lawn care in Eugene today for a free quote.

Siding & gutter

Jim Handy can fix your cracked or pealing siding. As a result helping to keep your home looking new. In edition he can also fix any broken gutters or down spouts. So give Eugene’s best handyman a call today for a free estimate.

Wall & Floor

Do you have drywall or flooring damage? If so, I can fix any holes in your drywall or replace any sections that need replacing. Need to have your carpet stretched or a section replaced? So give Eugene’s best handyman a call or send an email for a free estimate today.


I have over 20 years experience fixing irrigation. Whether it is a leak, needing a new head, reposition an existing head or other issues. Call today for trouble shooting and repairs. Above all let Eugene’s most affordable lawn maintenance provider, Jim Handy, get your system running correctly.

home repairs

Home Maintenance

After working 40hrs a week taking care of home maintenance projects is the last thing you want to do with your weekend. You can rely on Jim Handy to get those projects done for you. As a result, freeing up your time and keeping your home running efficiently. Below is an example of some of our all-inclusive services. Then to get the #1 most reliable handyman & lawn care in Eugene, call today!


Jim Handy offers full service lawn care. Packages are customized to fit your needs. For example you can get weekly, bi-weekly or monthly mowing. Edging, fertilizing & blowing  are included as well. So get Eugene’s most affordable lawn care service, call today!

yard cleanups

Jim Handy can keep your yard looking great! Whether its a one time service or a seasonal clean up. In edition we specialize in optimizing curb appeal prior to listing a home for sale. You will be amazed at the results. So call Eugene’s most affordable lawn care service provider today for a free quote.

DECK & FLOOR Resurfacing

Let us keep your deck from becoming slippery and your wood protected from the elements. We do both deck & floor resurfacing. Consisting of sanding, re-staining if necessary and then resealing. As a result both surfaces look brand new for years to come.So Call Eugene’s best handyman today for a free quote.

bark installation

New bark is our number one recommendation to make your yard more esthetically pleasing. Due to the amount of rain here, It is necessary to add new bark every one or two years. Consequently we can have the bark dumped or we can haul it. So call Eugene’s most affordable lawn care service provider today! You will love the results


Having your siding power washed will improve the appearance of your home. In edition power washing your roof will extend its longevity. Like wise removing moss from your driveway & sidewalks helps to protect your concrete. So in order to protect your home and keep it looking new. Give the #1 most reliable handyman & lawn care in Eugene a call today for a free quote.


At Jim Handy we do flower bed clean up and maintenance. As well as pruning shrubs & small trees. We can do a one time clean up or customize a schedule to fit your needs. In edition pruning is extremely important to the health of your shrubs and trees. As a result they will be fuller, have more blooms and be disease resistant. We also do insects & disease management. Call Eugene’s most affordable lawn maintenance provider today to set up a consultation or get a free quote.

Gutter cleanup & moss removal

Rely on Jim Handy to keep your gutters in good shape and your run off flowing correctly by keeping your gutters clean. We like to combine services doing both gutters and roof moss removal at the same time. There for helping prolong the life of your roof by keeping it moss free. So call Jim Handy the #1 most reliable handyman & lawn care in Eugene today with questions or to schedule a free quote.

kitchen remodels

Home Improvement

Jim Handy can do all of your home improvement projects, both inside and out. In effect adding value and keeping your home modern & updated.  Above all giving you a home to be proud of and the time to enjoy it. Some of our all-inclusive services are listed below. Call today if you have any questions or to schedule a free quote.


A great way to improve your backyard yard is to install a new fence. Conversely create a unique space by adding a custom deck, pergola or trellis. In edition an awning is a great addition to create a year round usable space. Let Jim Handy Eugene’s most reliable handyman help you create a place you can relax with your family or entertain friends. As a result adding value to your life and your home! Call now for a free quote.

Room Remodels

I can help you update or completely renovate any room in your home. For example installing new cabinets, new counter tops or new appliances in your kitchen. In edition replace windows, paint the walls, install new floors, add insulation, in the bedrooms. Install a new shower or tub, add new cabinets, replace ceiling or flooring, install a fan.  Give Jim Handy Eugene’s best handyman a call for a free consultation or estimate.


Need a tv mounted on the wall? Got a new garbage disposal or washer & dryer. For installation of these or any other appliances, give Jim Handy a call. Ultimately you can rely on me to have it installed for your in a jiffy.


Installing new flooring is a wonderful upgrade for your home. With all of the new products out there the possibilities are endless. This is a cost efficient improvement that will have a huge visual impact and improve the value of your home. So Call Jim Handy Eugene’s best handyman now for a free quote.


Jim Handy can help you with any indoor or outdoor painting project. Ultimately painting is a great way to transform the feeling and look of your home. Also we can help you pick out the right colors to achieve the atmosphere you are looking for. So give Eugene’s best handyman a call to schedule a consultation.

Patio & walkway installation

Looking to enhance the outdoor space in your home? Installing a new patio or walkways is a great addition to your outdoor hardscape. Jim Handy can install paver, brick, flagstone, gravel, slate or concrete walkways or patios. So give Eugene’s best handyman a call to get a free estimate today.

presale curb appeal enhancement

Curb appeal is one of the most important aspects when preparing to sell your home. For instance homes that have good curb appeal sale for more money and twice as fast. You can rely on Jim Handy to handle this preparation for you. Some of the services offered are lawn mowing, edging, flower bed clean up, bark installation, pruning, power washing, painting, flower planting, putting up new house numbers, installing new hardware. So give the #1 most reliable handyman & lawn care in Eugene a call today for a free quote.

"Jimmy is awesome!cool He has done beautiful landscaping for me...Added to my irrigation system...Built a great fence...Put in new rock walkways & more. He really will do exactly what you say you need want done & is very personable and fair with pricing. I highly recommend Jimmy! A great handyman!"

Vicki Gresham
Eugene, Or.

"Wonderful business owners and work! They provided all our landscape maintenance at Campus Connections Property Management, until we took our landscaping in house. If you are looking for a landscaper that is family owned, we would suggest Jim Handy. Reasonable prices and great work!"

Kim M -Property manager
Eugene, Or.

"Jimmy and his team were so nice & knowledgeable when it came to cleaning up our yard. After seeing how great their cleanup service was, we plan to get regular maintenance from Jimmy. They take a variety of payment options, including Venmo, which is great for someone like me who doesn't carry cash."

Destin S
Eugene, Or.

Jim Handy 100% gaurantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality service and customer trust are my number one priorities.  Above all, you can rely on me to do the job the way, you want and done correctly. Ultimately we want to make sure you are happy with the work that is done. So if you aren't completely satisfied with my work. You won't pay a dime until you are.


All-Inclusive Services

Jim Handy offers both Lawn care & Handyman Services. In effect taking care of your home inside and out allows me to develop a lasting relationship.  As a result, I am invested in the care of your home. It gives you peace of mind knowing you can trust me and can rely on the quality of the job I will do.

free consultation

Free Consultation

Get in touch with us today so you can start enjoying your beautiful home and the free time you gain by hiring a professional handyman! Jim Handy will be happy to come out and discuss your project, then give you a free estimate within 48hrs! Therefore give Eugene's best handyman & lawn service provider a call today!